7 Essential Features of Authentic Spanish Style Homes

Discover if a Spanish style home is the right fit for you!
7 Essential Features of Authentic Spanish Style Homes

Are you warm and inviting, a lover of history and culture with a touch of grandeur? Then perhaps a Spanish style home is whispering your name!  

At Studio Blu, we believe your home should be a reflection of you. That’s why we love helping our clients discover design styles that resonate with their personalities and lifestyles. 

Who would benefit from Spanish style homes

If the following describes you, then look no further than the embrace of Spanish style:

The Host with the Most: Your heart bursts open to friends and family. Laughter spills from your door like sunshine, and everyone feels welcome.

A Storied Soul: History and Culture ignite your curiosity. You love the richness of the past and all the tales it unfolds.

Sun-Kissed and Serene: The outdoors invigorates you. You crave fresh air and bask in the warmth of nature’s embrace.

A Touch of Majesty: Elegance isn’t something you shy away from. You appreciate a hint of grandeur, a touch of “wow” that stirs the senses.

Built to Endure: Reliability is your middle name. Just like a Spanish style home, you’re strong, dependable, and always there for the ones you love.

A Fusion Fiesta: You’re open-minded and appreciate the beauty of blending cultures. The world is a tapestry, and you love the vibrant mix.

Who would benefit from Spanish style homes

The essential features of a Spanish style home

While Spanish style homes are instantly recognizable by their warm terracotta roofs, there’s so much more to discover! Here are 7 essential features to keep an eye out for. 

Stucco Swagger: The quintessential Spanish exterior boasts a textured stucco finish, adding a unique charm and presence to your home.

A Timeless Terracotta Crown: Terracotta roof tiles bathe your home in warmth, whispering of history and timeless beauty.

Arched Elegance: Graceful arches frame doorways and windows, inviting guests inside and lending a touch of sophistication.

Courtyard Oasis: Step into your own sanctuary. Spanish style homes often feature a central courtyard or patio, blurring the lines between indoors and out, perfect for relaxation and entertaining.

Wrought Iron Whimsy: Railings, gates, and light fixtures crafted from wrought iron add a touch of rustic artistry and a timeless allure.

Hand-Painted Tile Fiesta: Bold colors and intricate patterns explode on hand-painted tiles. From flooring to backsplashes and accents, these tiles infuse your home with Spanish flair.

Warm Embrace of Wood: Exposed wooden beams grace both the interiors and exteriors of Spanish style homes, creating a sense of warmth and rustic charm.

How to decorate a Spanish style home

How to decorate a Spanish style home

Once the architectural foundation has been laid, consider adding more of your personality to shine throughout your home. Decorating a Spanish style home is all about embracing the vibrancy, warmth, and rich cultural heritage. Here’s how to unleash your inner flamenco dancer and create a space that sings:

Color Palette:

  • Earthy Elegance: Spanish style thrives on warm, earthy tones. Think terracotta, ochre, golden yellows, and deep mossy greens. These hues evoke the sun-drenched landscapes of Spain and create a sense of grounded comfort.
  • Pops of Passion: Don’t be afraid to add bursts of color! Jewel tones like ruby red, sapphire blue, and emerald green add a touch of drama and evoke the vibrant spirit of Spanish culture.


  • Rich and Rustic: Think deep, warm woods like mahogany and walnut. Opt for furniture with hand-forged iron accents, ornately carved details, and luxurious leather upholstery.


  • Tapestry Tales: Spanish style embraces textiles that tell a story. Introduce textured throws, handwoven rugs, and tapestries featuring geometric patterns, Moorish influences, or floral motifs.


  • Warm Glow: Banish harsh lighting. Opt for warm, inviting fixtures like wrought iron chandeliers, Moroccan lanterns, and hand-painted ceramic lamps. Play with candlelight to create a truly enchanting ambiance.


  • Handcrafted Charm: Fill your space with handcrafted treasures. Think hand-painted ceramics, wrought iron candelabras, antique mirrors, and religious icons (if it reflects your taste).

Your soon-to-be Spanish style home will be more than just a place to live; it will be a vibrant expression of your personality, a space that reflects your love of warmth, history, and a touch of the extraordinary.

If you crave warmth, a touch of grandeur, and a celebration of history and culture, then look no further than a Spanish style home. With the right interior design choices, your home can become a fiesta for the senses, a space that reflects your unique personality and allows you to embrace the rhythm of your soul.

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