“A Summer Refresh Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank”, Says Manhattan Beach Interior Designer

“A summer refresh doesn’t have to break the bank”, says Manhattan Beach Interior Designer

With the heat of summer sunshine stepping in the stateside, what better time to finally put those redesigning plans into motion! A variety of colors and styles await to welcome a new season in the comfort of your homes or beach house (if that’s where your happy feet area leading you).

We at Studio Blu Inc. are happy to present the versatility of our team when it comes to transforming your space. Our inspiration comes from your visions; we are just here to bring it to life. To give you an idea, we’re happy to share with you some of our most popular styles we have done that may be perfect for that summer refresh project you’d like done in your space. Feel free to get some inspiration on here if that’s what would help you!

Coastal Beach

The summer season makes the perfect time for a trip to the beach. Whether you own a beach house property or you are someone who likes to rent places where you can relax and unwind, you’d be able to tell that the vibe matters. This is where interior design comes at play. It sets the overall mood of the place you are in.

We’ve had one project with a client who wanted a chic look for his beach house. He already had a clear-cut idea of the style he was looking for, and after he presented some inspiration pegs, this gave us some ideas on what exactly to bring to life.

We’ve agreed to work on a budget. The decoration process has a bit of challenges when it came to managing the allocated budget but we were able to find other ways on how we can keep the quality at its finest without breaking the bank!

To see how this coastal beach house project came along, you may see the results here.

Country | Cottage

Cozy is one way to describe a country cottage style for an interior. If you are looking for something more warm and rustic, then this may be a theme that you can incorporate on your beach house or summer rest house. Our most recent project for a Manhattan Beach House took 14 months to complete as a full remodel and decoration project.

This project has been mainly inspired by art styles from English to Tuscan to Scandinavian as well as some French accessories. It took some meticulous planning and attention to detail to be able to create an intimate space for every corner of the house.

To see how this project came to fruition, feel free to browse through our online portfolio.

Kids & Teen Rooms

Even the rooms of little tots and teenagers could use some interior design makeover of their own. It’s no doubt that their rooms could be a reflection of who they are, and as they are at a stage where self-discovery is at play, this is a very good way for them to develop and gain insight towards their personal preferences.

Personally, we find projects such as this extra exciting because we enjoy playing with a variety of colors and themes that will help amplify your child’s personality. As interior designers for kids, every color and every hue, we’ll make sure that your little ones won’t feel blue.

For safety and privacy reasons, we do not publicly display portfolios for this particular project on our website and socials, but this is something that we’d be happy to share with you for inspirational purposes through our 15-minute complimentary discovery call, which you can book here.

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Here at Studio Blu Inc., we want to break the myth that spending on interior design will break the bank for you. That is not necessarily true! After being in the industry for over 20 years, we beg to differ! We believe that with the right planning and transparency, we can effectively work around the project and bring your visions to life! One of our mantras is that our clients’ ideas inspire us and by being equipped with our art and design skill sets,

this drives us to bring them to life. So we can definitely assure you that your voices will be heard.

For more of our before and after interior designs sample, feel free to browse here. You can also book your 15-minute discover call now and we’d be more than happy to jumpstart this transformational design journey with you!