About Us

About Us

adrienne owner of studio blu inc

Adrienne Mascaro


Design principal Adrienne Mascaro was raised and educated in Chicago and has been a proud Venice/Marina del Rey local for over 20 years.

Adrienne graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the International Academy of Design and Technology, a CIDA-accredited design school located in Chicago’s Loop. Her major was interior architecture and her minor, and her first love was theater.

After graduation, Adrienne worked as a photo stylist and set designer for Silver Lining Graphics, a large, well-known catalog house in Chicago. She also freelanced in the art department on several commercials and independent films. She became more drawn to designing for the character in mind, and, in 1996, moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in set decoration for film and television.

After successfully working in the art department for Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, and Sony Pictures, Adrienne returned to her interior design roots. In 1999, she started Studio Blu, Inc., a Marina Del Rey boutique interior design firm specializing in high-end custom homes and remodels. She received a certification in Reiki and brings this healing practice into her designs. Adrienne is one of 12 interior designers who are both represented and highly referred by L.A.’s Pacific Design Center.

Adrienne is an avid tennis player and a proud mother.

Our Team

We are endlessly grateful for the opportunity to provide personalized high-quality service to our clients and enjoy being in business to say Yes to your special requests! Our team strongly believes that the journey itself is just as rewarding as the destination!

Gaby A. LDA


Gaby is our financial account manager. She oversees client payments and creates monthly client financial reports.

​Ask any interior designer and they will say the same thing, without a rock-star bookkeeper your business is only a hobby. Finding the right fit took us a long time, but Gaby doesn’t miss a beat.

Oscar B.


Oscar has over 10 years of experience in Architectural Drafting. He starts the construction document process by going to the client’s site, measuring the home and property, and then creating drawings required for a city permit.

Oscar assists Adrienne throughout the projects as needed.
He is thoughtful, responsible, and incredibly supportive

Peter Erdelyi & Associates


Peter Erdelyi & Associates is one of the top structural engineering firms in Southern California. They have been operating since 1978, and have designed more than 10,000 structures in the Los Angeles area over the past four decades. We collaborate with Peter Erdelyi & Associates when our design projects require structural drawings with calculations.


Merle Shannon


Merle is our procurement expeditor. She oversees all orders, and she is the budgeting extraordinaire.

Merle and Adrienne go way back to the Model home designing days.  Adrienne met Merle while Adrienne was in Design school and working part-time at a Model home firm.  Merle was their Expediter and has over 18 years experience managing orders. Merle is amazing, and we are so grateful to have her.