Do You Need A Custom Home Designer Or A Decorator?

Do You Need A Custom Home Designer Or A Decorator

Everyone wants a beautiful home, and they are happy to hire a custom home interior designer to help them get it. They may also employ a decorator. When it comes to hiring a home interior designer, Marina Del Rey residents may sometimes use the words designer and decorator interchangeably. Many people do this, but the work that these two professionals do is not the same. It’s essential that you know which professional to call for your project, or you could end up disappointed.

Structural Changes

A designer is a person to call when you want to make structural changes in your home’s appearance.

  • Designers have undergone schooling to become a designer.
  • They excel at creating functional spaces.
  • They understand and adhere to codes and regulations.
  • Designers can edit blueprints.
  • They make spaces useful, aesthetically pleasing, and beautiful.
  • Designers work with residential and corporate clients.

Major Renovations

If you’re planning to have a significant remodeling job done, working with an interior designer is the best option. They have more knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes when you are renovating. It enables them to use their expertise to come up with ways to get what you want in a way that will be beautiful and smart. They have an eye for what looks good and can help you formulate plans that will better enhance your space.

Coordinate Paints, Fabrics, Furnishings, and Accessories

An interior decorator is a person who can make your home look stunning. They coordinate the colors, fabrics, furniture, and accessories to give your home a look that you want. You can tell the decorator what you wish to have, and they will find a way to make sure you get it. If you want a modern look, traditional, or any other style, they can make sure your home exudes that style. Now, this is not to say that a designer cannot decorate. They can. They can do your home from start to finish. However, a decorator cannot work as a designer, because a designer must have the schooling to do what they do. Now, you know the difference between the two, and it will be easier to choose the one that you need for your next project. By selecting the right professional for the job, you’ll be able to sit back and relax, secure in the knowledge that you have the perfect professional working on your home.