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Frequently Ask Questions

  • How much do you charge?
    We charge several ways because no interior design project is the same. Time and material, cost plus mark up very industry standard but we are open to a flat rate as well. Sometimes projects will be charged per square foot depending how large your home is. We also offer smaller design packages.
  • What is a typical project like?
    No projects are typical and no day is typical. We work on many different size projects, a variety of styles, and our clients range in age and lifestyle needs. Kitchen and bathroom remodels, full home remodels and new construction custom homes. We do take on room decoration projects but many of our clients hire us to decorate their home as a turn key. Starting with their construction project, we will finish with decoration and details.
  • Can you help me pick paint colors and nothing else?
    Yes, we can certainly help you pick paint colors for your home. This would be considered a smaller design package. Depending on how many rooms you have, and how many colors you desire, we will create a custom package that will suit your needs.
  • How is an interior designer assigned to my project?
    95% of our clients come from referral.
  • Do I get a cool 3D rendering like I see on HGTV?
    Yes! We prefer clients to see the 3D rendering before the room is executed, this way you have a full understanding of what the room will look like before you purchase a thing. Our 3D’s are photo realistic, very detailed and high quality. If you can’t decide if you want tile or marble backsplash, you can refer to several options and pick from our designs.
  • Will we drive around to different stores to pick out furniture in person?
    Yes, you may pick out furniture in person or we can pre-shop for you if you do not have the time. Each client has very different needs and we tailor to your comfort level.
  • Will my project be unveiled to me as a big surprise like they do on HGTV?
    Yes, if you would like! We love a Ta-Da moment for clients! This would be called our Turnkey design services.
  • How do you make money?
    Simply put: time and materials.
  • Other firms mark up merchandise, do you?
    Yes, we are industry standard with markup. If you choose to pay retail we will adjust our hourly rate. If you choose to purchase the items on your own, our hourly rate will be considered our Standard Consultant fee.
  • What is the process for purchasing furniture?
    We are a full service design studio for residential and commercial spaces with a procurement department, 99% of our clients have us do all the work, from ordering to install we handle it all.
  • What if I don’t like a piece of furniture I bought through you, can I return it?
    We follow the guidelines of the manufacturer. If the vendor allows returns then we will follow the vendor's lead. However if the item is custom, it will not be returnable. Clients will sign off on a 3D rendering before the item is in production.
  • Can you get me a discount at Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, west elm, Target, etc.?
    If we pass on our designer discounts, our hourly fee will reflect our consultant rate. We are full service so we will change the procurement of the item and handle all quality control.
  • How much do people typically spend on furniture, art & accessories for a room?
    A bedroom even from a popular retailer like C&B or Pottery Barn can cost between 15,000 to 50,000. This all depends on your room square footage, and are window treatments needed? There are a lot of variables when it comes to budget. Are you keeping any items, are they being refurbished all comes into play.
  • What if I need additional help with some other odds and ends?
    We are more than happy to help! Many of our clients call us for small things year after year, even if their initial project is complete.
  • What if an item is no longer available when I’m ready to buy it?
    If an item is no longer available, we would need to reselect. Retail vendors do not hold items. Wholesalers will hold items for 24 hour to a week depending on the product.
  • What's the first step?
    The first step to getting into a project with us is to schedule a discovery call!
  • How much does hiring an interior designer cost?
    This depends on their education, years of experience, and what the project is. Rates do vary and remember you get what you pay for whether it's for decor or construction.
  • Why is another designer charging less for their services?
    They are most likely new to the industry and need to build their portfolio, or they do not have an interior design college degree.
  • When should we enlist the services of a designer?
    You should enlist the services of a designer before you meet with a contractor and right when you decide to work with an architect.
  • How long does the remodeling design process take?
    6 weeks to 2 years this all depends on the project and square footage. A bathroom remodel alone can require 6-8 subcontractors. These tradesmen need time to do their magic.
  • Can you refer us to a good Contractor? Architect? Painter?
    Most certainly!
  • Will you work with my existing contractor?
    Yes, of course we can work hand in hand with your existing contractor!
  • My contractor/architect offers design services; why should I hire an independent Interior Designer?
    You should personally interview your independent interior designer as well. It is all about who is the right fit for you.
  • What is the difference between an interior designer and an architect?
    An interior architect designs building interiors and space planning while an interior designer solely focuses on the actual furnishing and decoration of an interior.
  • Do you offer free consultations?
    We offer a free discovery call to all our clients to see if we are a good fit. We charge for design consultations.
  • Where are you located?
    Our office is in Marina del Rey, but we can meet you at your home, job site, or at a showroom. You won’t need to come to our office.
  • What areas do you serve?
    Los Angeles County but we have designed clients vacation homes and east coast homes when our clients are bi-coastal.
  • How do I keep track of my budget?
    We do the budget tracking for you! We start with a budget and line item every single thing that will go into the project. These numbers are placeholders and when items are purchased, we implement the cost. We update as we purchase and give you bi-monthly reports.
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