Interior Designer Is Finding That Trends Go Hand in Hand with Fashion

Interior Designer is finding that trends go hand in hand with fashion

Adrienne Mascaro is not your ordinary “trendy designer” as she explains about the connection between fashion and interior design. Settling a collection is very similar to settling up a home. Both fashion designers and interior designers work with sketches, samples, colors, fabrics, textures, shapes, and space. Nevertheless, what brings fashion close to interior design is much more than similar project development as it takes six months or more to create anything which makes fashion the point leader of its quick turnaround.

Often runaways such as spring and summer fashion shows define what is next in interior design. It can be a pattern, such as tartan or floral, or a combination of materials. Since fashion is more quick and impulsive making the consumers more demanding, following fashion trends is a great way to hand out what people want in their homes. That’s why they say that if you want to know the latest interior design trends, look to fashion!


Designing clothes is very similar to designing furniture. Additionally, pulling an outfit is very much like designing a house interior. Fashion is about combining colors, patterns, and textures. Interior design is exactly the same.


Both fashion and interior design are the best artistic way of expressing yourself. There is nothing more empowering than finding ourselves in the garments we wear. Personal style is about finding clothing that makes us feel good in our own skin. In interior design, it is precisely the same. Instead of feeling good in our own skin, we look for feeling good in our shell, our safe haven. When we express ourselves materialistically, we get to evolve personally. I am a designer that designs for a person. When you show me what you like, I create an environment for you. When you want to go for a trendy environment, focus on what you can change out quickly.


You don’t want to break your bank to try to stay with the trends. Fashion is one of the biggest polluter industries. However, awareness and environmental concerns from consumers are making the industry greener. Although interior design is more ecological from afar, the industry is also changing. Both industries are changing their values, and many brands are shifting the goods they offer. It is more common to find upcycled clothes and furniture. Even fast fashion is becoming greener since mainstream clothing brands offer either products or collections made from recycled materials. If you’re the kind of client that’s eco and green-friendly, I can make an environment that reflects your personality and values.