Is Transitional Style Interior Design Right for Your Home?

Is Transitional Style Interior Design Right for Your Home

If you are planning to redecorate your home, one of the first things that you will want to ask yourself is what decorating style you want to use. By using one theme throughout your home, you give the house a more pulled together and cohesive look. Before you search ‘interior designers near me,‘ why not give some thought to your design preference first? While most people know whether they want traditional, contemporary, or country, many who fall somewhere in between.

Contemporary Feels Too Cold

Many homeowners would love a modern look, but find that doing the whole house that way would make it feel cold. Contemporary homes are known for their clean lines and sleek look. While some love that theme, others find it a bit too modern.

Classic Feels a Bit Boring and Safe

Other homeowners enjoy classic styles, but they look too safe, too dull, and too unoriginal. They may feel that they are trapped in a time warp when they enter their home. They want to shake things up and try something new.

Transitional Combines the Best of Both Worlds

A transitional style interior designer works to blend contemporary design elements and classic design elements in one beautiful home. Traditional and modern morph into one design in transitional design. For example, if you love the sleek look of a modern chair, but you want the chair to look more welcoming and comfortable, choose a transitional piece.

  • Transitional pieces will feature the clean lines and sleek look of contemporary furnishings, but not completely.
  • They will also have an element of classic furnishings. The back and arms of a chair may get rolled for added comfort and a more inviting look.
  • If you have vintage pieces that you love, you can incorporate them into this design type. They will blend in perfectly. Being able to use some of the furniture that you already own is a huge money-saver.

If you are looking for the best of contemporary and the best of classic design all rolled into one, transitional design is perfect for you. You will love being able to have a modern look, that is not too sleek, and the classic look that you love without it feeling dated. Transitional design is becoming a favorite design style with many homeowners. These two styles coming together has created a truly winning combination.