“Have you ever done a google search and found the most unexpected and amazing result by accident?


That was my experience with Studio Blu! I did a random search for an interior designer “near me” and boom, I found Adrienne at Studio Blu. Wow, thank you google search results!


My husband and I recently bought a home and decided to refinish the floors, change the baseboards and paint the whole house before moving in. We are first-time homeowners and have never looked at a baseboard or so many white paints in our life. There was a significant design that has to be made and it was a lot to process all at once. It was an emergency!


Enter my google search! Adrienne, (who is busy with way bigger jobs) actually took time to listen to me describe what was happening at our house. She genuinely wanted to help us and immediately scheduled our first “house therapy” session. It was incredible. We did it via zoom — which was perfect. Adrienne pulled up our house listing and we went picture by picture to break down our property. She listened to us and truly got us on track with our house and all the possibilities of what we needed. Talking to her saved us money and prevented us from aimlessly buying things before moving in. She helped set the path for more successful moves and interior design processes.


An interior designer for a project can be incredibly helpful, but when you’re completely lost and don’t know where to start, “house therapy” sessions can be an equally important part of your design journey. Good thing Adrienne does it all. She’s the best!”