Bathroom Remodels And The Power Of Intention.

Bathroom Remodels And The Power Of Intention

You finally got here; you are finally going to take the leap and redo your bathroom! But, before you call in a contractor to ask what this bathroom remodel is going to cost you, keep in mind that there are many, I mean many, steps to take before diving into your remodeling project.

I am a practical, intentional interior designer. That means my design philosophy is that interior design must start with a clear intention. I carry this feeling throughout all my projects. When things get a little bumpy along the journey, and they always do, I go back to; what is my intention? How do I make this journey enjoyable?

One of my favorite American authors, Wayne Dyer, wrote an incredible book about the Power of intention. (link)

The very first and most important question to ask yourself is, what is my intention? (link this to intention )

Intention: A thing intended; an aim or plan.

When deciding what to do with your bathroom, it is important to examine your intentions and be very clear about KEY points along the way. Many homeowners may need to learn the difference between a bathroom refresh and a remodel. Sometimes your project may fall into a grey area and land in-between the two. As an interior designer writing this piece, I want to really care about achieving your beautiful new bathroom by giving you a happy, organized journey getting there. Let’s dive into the first question, “The Why.”

Question 1: “The Why” Why did you decide on this bathroom remodel?

  • You may be solving a problem. For Example, a pipe may have burst, and now you must rip out all the old tile to fix the line and treat the walls for mold.
  • Your family may be expanding, and you need a tub installed for children to bathe at night.
  • Or maybe the tub must be removed, so your elderly relative will have an easier time showering?
  • And my favorite reason is pure Selfcare! Your bathroom doesn’t feel good when you walk into it. It isn’t an enjoyable, relaxing bath time because there needs to be a better place to put candles when soaking. The floor is cracking, the plumbing is old, and it is just time. Nothing wrong with wanting a bathroom spa in your home; you work hard and deserve self-care.

Whatever the Why is, put this on your vision/mood board, and don’t forget the original intention.

There are dangers of not having a clear intention when doing your home remodel project. We interior designers often call this danger” Pulling the thread .”You start pretty simply with your pipes needing fixing, as well as the tub must be removed. Then the question pops up, what If I expanded the shower and got an enormous vanity here? You say, “I see this on HGTV; how hard can it be to take a wall down to make my bathroom bigger?”. If I take this wall down, I can take out this window in the next room and add that new closet, and Voila, you now have a way more significant project than you started. This bathroom remodeling project has now turned into a home remodeling project. Is this full-on remodel in your budget? Doing this project without a clear intention and a game plan with a budget and architectural goals on paper will get you in trouble. You don’t want months into your bathroom remodel project to say, how did I get here? Be clear with your intentions, and stay on your path. If your path changes, excellent, then you know your purpose, but it is better to change your approach on paper first!

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Written by Adrienne Mascaro

Photography by Erika Bierman