Turn Your Dorm Room Into Your Own Personal Space

Dorm Room Decorating Blending Trend, Comfort, and Style

Living the dorm life is a big part of your college experience, especially if your house is far away from your chosen university. This is meant to make things convenient and comfortable for you as you work your way towards earning that college diploma! Since your dorm room will be your temporary home for the next few years until your graduation, we are here to give you some tips on how you can turn it to your own personal space. We promise we will make your dorm life comfortable and twice the fun with these decoration tips coming your way!

Consult your roommates when it comes to redecorating common areas

Before you do any drastic changes to execute your makeover project for your dorm, it is best to ask for your roommate’s opinions first, especially when it comes to shared spaces. It’s important to note that not all dorms are the same; some will have separate bedrooms for each occupant while in some cases, you might be sharing one bedroom with 2 or more people. This is important to note as there may be differences in styles and preferences between you and your roommates. Consulting one another will help you come up with a unique, personalized design that will make you and your roomates feel more at home.

Streamline your personal style and preferences

It is important for you to determine the specific style and theme that you want to incorporate in your dorm room. This will make it easier for you to collect the materials and jumpstart your makeover project at the soonest time possible! While you cannot change the other foundational layouts of the dorm (such as wallpapers and floorings), you can start collecting decorative items that will add some personal touch in your little nook.

To help you narrow down your options, we’ll tackle below some of the most recommended decoration pieces you can add on your list!

Perk up your wall with various complimenting decorations

Your dorm’s bare wall is a good starter for perking up the atmosphere of your room. Wall decors are essential in creating a cozy and homey atmosphere for your space. It also helps set a more personal tone by choosing designs that speak about your hobbies and interests. Posters are one of the many popular wall decors options that are being used for a long time now. Nowadays, quote canvas wall art are pretty popular too. If you need some extra push as you work your way during your college years, you can look for your favorite inspiration quote to put up on your wall.

Spark up your space with some fairy lights

Fairy lights can certainly add that personalized magical touch inside your room. Its white or warm yellow light can make your room feel extra dreamier and cozier. Polaroid shots can make a good accent for making your fairy lights look extra attractive, and any visitors you invite over will certainly be mesmerized by your decoration. If you are sharing the room with a roommate, don’t forget to ask them if it’s alright to have the fairy lights installed. This is for the reason that they may not like having the lights turned on when it’s time for them to sleep.

Make your storage creative and functional

Storage will be one of the most important pieces in your room. From your clothes up to your school materials, you will definitely need a space where you can keep them organized. But who said they have to be plain and boring? A lot of designers are crafting furnitures that are sure to bring functionality and aesthetic together.

You can opt to use freestanding shelves so that you won’t have to worry about installing or drilling anything onto your wall. These are also space savers and can accommodate a big chunk of your books and other collectibles. You can choose between open and close shelves, and a wide-array of designs are available for you!

Another option is decorative boxes which you can get for an affordable price. This is where you can put things you won’t be using as much. You have the option to place them under your bed or if your closet has additional space, you can store them there.

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