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Interior Design Living Room Layout

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Why Us?

After being an interior designer for over 20 years and working with 200 plus clients, I’ve developed a few tips and tricks for keeping your sanity during an interior design project whether you’re in a relationship or solo.

Take a look at some of our before and after photos. Adding a little here and there completely transforms the energy of the room.

Many of my clients used to think they could do interior design on their own. They watched HGTV looked through Instagram, Houzz, and Pinterest, and found rooms, or elements in rooms, that they loved and wanted to implement in their space. That is a wonderful starting point, but finding a photo you like doesn’t make you an interior designer. It says you know what you connect to and what your goal is. Interior design is so much more than picking fabrics and fluffing pillows. Good interior design is a full-time job.


This is real life, not television. Hiring Studio Blu, Inc. means you get our creative vision plus our 20+ years of experience to carry out and execute all aspects of your project.

Living Room Interior Design Layout
Interior Design Before photo of cabinet / console below TV.

Know your strengths and growth opportunities

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Modern Interior Design of Living Room.

Focus on the main theme.

One area where clients get into trouble is in choosing five different styles for different rooms. For example, they want to do the kitchen
in one style, the living room in another, and so on.

Then they get overwhelmed because their project isn’t turning out
like the photos they picked. Good interior design is not copying other designers' work. Good interior design begins with being inspired … by nature, travel, photographs, a time— something that moves and inspires you— and then putting You into your home. It is my clients who inspire me. I get to know you, then I get to work.

Have a positive attitude and celebrate the wins.

The most important part of my work as a designer is the journey I take with my clients. The best way to approach a project is to have a positive attitude. Having a great outcome starts with having clear expectations that each day will be positive, creative, full of problem-solving, and fun. That doesn’t mean it won’t be stressful. Construction is stressful. Sometimes contractors don’t show up on time or at all. Installation is stressful. Will that custom piece of furniture fit through the door or up the stairs? Can four moving guys carry it and avoid hitting your $100,000 piece of art?


Clients hire me to handle those things for them. What’s exciting is when my clients see the finished outcome. It’s the manifestation of their idea coming into form. Installation day is like opening a birthday gift!

Interior Decoration of Entryway / Mudroom.
Cabinet Furniture Repurpose

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Different from the Rest!

When there are so many design firms out there, Studio Blu, Inc. is the firm that collaborates with you, listens to your needs, designs for your wishes, and keeps a watchful eye on your budget. While other firms might create a home for you that is just like other designs on their website, we design with your aesthetic in mind.


Did you commission a 22-inch floor-to-ceiling piece of artwork that you want to incorporate into your new home? No problem.


Do you have a 1950s buffet that you want to be refurbished and made a part of your new home design? We can do that!

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