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Client Styles

If you are wondering what the difference is between industrial loft and contemporary style or between modern vintage and mid-century modern, this quick style guide is just a peek at some of the 200+ projects we have created. This portfolio may even identify your own personal style. Don't worry, if your aesthetic isn't shown below, we haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet!  

Contemporary Interior Design Living Room

Contemporary design is happening now and always evolving depending on current tastes and trends. It offers a more balanced approach to design than the modernist emphasis on function, and out of it can come warm, cozy spaces that are as beautiful as they are functional.

Interior Design Spanish Style Patio

Born out of a blend of Mediterranean cultures and historical influences, spanish design is vibrant, colorful, and comfortable. Elements such as carved wood doors, pottery patterned tiles, wrought iron, and wood furniture come together to create a relaxing rejuvenating, and creative spaces.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room Interior Design

This is an aspect of modernist design is known for its clean lines, large open planned interiors, vivid colors, and interactive indoor-outdoor areas. Think elegant and functional common space and a focus on bring the future into the home and vice-versa.

Though many colors are used. the color scheme tends to range from greens and browns to oranges, yellow and blues.


This style is inspired by the conversion of warehouses into living spaces. Here, raw industrial elements play against rough textures, recycled materials, and found objects. Imagine exposed brick and beams, steel and ductwork paired with rustic...

Interior Design Country Cottage Bedroom

Cozy, rustic and warm are a few words that describe country or cottage style. Think wood pottery, ward and muted corlors, greenery and natural materials designed to create intimate spaces. this style can be tracked back to a range of traditions from English to Tuscan and Scandinavian to French accessories.

Coastal Beach Interior Design Nook

The vibe of coastal or beach is laid back and relaxed. This style takes its inspiration from summer, sea breezes, sunlight, and the beach. Imagine light, organic fabrics, driftwood, seashells, the blues and the warm colors of sunsets blended to create a relaxing retreat.

Traditional and Classic Interior Design Bedroom

The design looks to European styles of the past from English to Neoclassical to bring elegance, opulence, and comfort into modern spaces. Winged-back chairs, lacquered dark wood furniture, pale base colors, and rich highlight colors are hallmarks of this timeless style.

Urban Interior Design Home Gym

The Style blends industrial elements like exposed beams and ductwork with large open areas, clean lines, light colors and elegant finishes that soften and add an artistic and bohemian touch to these spaces.

Modern / Vintage Interior Deisgn Livign Room Los Angeles

The modern vintage design blends the old and the new, bringing an elegant, old fashioned feel to a variety of interior spaces.

This style pair favorite inherited antiques and "aged"pieces with modern accents, warm colors, soft lines, and curves for a home that embraces the past and welcomes the future.

Outdoor shot of Scandanavian Style Home Remodel Los Angeles


Full Remodel 

Currently in design phase


This  1749 sq.ft Post WW2 Three(3) bed, Two and a half(2.5) bath located in Westchester will be undergoing a huge facelift! Studio Blu Inc., was hired to space plan, design interiors as well as give a new look to the exterior.

Kid's Interior Design Bedroom

Kids & Teen Rooms

More projects coming soon.

We happily serve clients Tots to teens! Honestly, these are the most fun projects we do because we can crank up the volume with color. Kids allow us to see who they really are so of course the room reflects their personality.

Contemporary Design Layout Plans for Full Home Remodel


Full Remodel

We are grateful and excited to be working on this fun project that I like to call "Cozy Modern". How could we go wrong because blue is my client's favorite color!

Plans are currently at the city waiting approval. We should be starting  Demo Summer 2022.

Photo of Bathroom Remodel.

Bathroom Remodels - In Construction

Currently in construction

Small projects such as bathroom remodeling still needs an interior designer's love and attention.

Photo of Commercial / Multifamily Interior Design project.

Mamai Wellness has expanded!  They have taken over the next door space to allow for retail, yoga, and bar classes. They also have massage and acupuncture. 

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